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Castle Property Maintenance - Property Clearance Services are the Wirrals premier house clearance company. Fully licensed and insured, the company also deal with bio-hazard removal which includes body fluids.

Our Property Clearance Services are used by local authorities, solicitors, housing associations, estate agents, undertakers and the general public.

We are specialists in clearing the home of the deceased and cluttered property caused by hoarding, and we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, professional and are determined to help our clients in every way we can.

We perform biohazard removal and full house clearances, removing everything requested such as bulky furniture, carpets, cookers, washing machines and all clutter. We also clear garages, lofts, office spaces and commercial buildings. If requested, we can also clean and sanitise the property to help improve its rental chances or its selling appeal on the housing market. We will take all the stress out of clearing the property.

We operate throughout the Wirral and Chester areas. We take on just about any type of work from a single item to multiple loads. We specialise in properties where death has occurred.


Private Landlord and Domestic House Clearance and junk Removal

Whether you simply need some junk / clutter removed from your house, or are dealing with the emotionally difficult process of clearing out a deceased loved one’s personal effects, we are here to help , no matter where you are in the uk.
The Hoarder Next Door

Full Clearance

We are a fully licensed and insured, professional Wirral based house and commercial property clearance company. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, professional and are determined to help our clients in every way we can.

Property ClearancePart Clarence

You don’t need a complete house full to call us, we can remove small loads for basements, cellars, lofts, attics, sheds, outhouses and garages. We also clear verminous waste and provide help with probate.



We have a service called de-clutter, not as intense as a full house clearance, de-clutter concentrates on a particular room or a specific part of your home, this is ideal if family members from aboard are coming to stay and you need that space, or you have builders arriving to start that job, and now that the kids have grown up and left home, do you really need those toys?


So why should only use Castle Property Maintenance - Property Clearance Services?

We are committed to addressing the environmental issues related to our business, through Recycling, and have made a commitment to ensure that we are "Green" in all aspects of our operations. We are committed to meeting UK and international standards for managing our environmental impact.